Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY - Wardrobe - Part 1. Designing and Purchasing

This is my current craze, DIY stuffs to my house. The latest project was my store, which turn out to be a little bit pretty awesome I guess. Yes masuk bakul angkut sendiri.

It has been a year since we moved to our new house. As it turn out I discovered maintaining a house is a hassle job and you have to do it constantly. But that's gonna be another story.

In this entry I'm gonna tell you how you gonna DIY your wardrobe. Well not so DIY I guess, because we bought the materials from IKEA and assembled it ourselves, but still, it was a though job.

Before we made the decision to use IKEA stuffs, We have made a lot of surveys and visits to other furniture shops but none could satisfy us. Its either too expensive (they quoted us RM5k++ at least) or not practical enough. We want something with no sliding door because back when we were renting, the owner throw us a wardrobe which we hated so much because the sliding door kept slipping off.

Then we made a visit to IKEA and we found an open wardrobe concept that we liked so much. It is the STOLMEN system. I made a prelim calculation and it's gonna cost us around RM3k. Way cheaper. The catch of course is you have to assemble it yourself. And it comes in white. If you don't like white or want other color than STOLMEN is not what you are looking for. I thought it is doable so I decided to give it a try.

Oh forgot to mention we have our own walk-in wardrobe, so an open wardrobe concept is suitable.

Of course the most important thing in doing this is you have to measure everything very carefully. And then only you can decide on the design and plan. 

So I made a plan, and then count everything that we need. 

1. STOLMEN posts. 

The posts are adjustable, between 210 - 330cm. We need 6 of those, so it gonna costs us RM900. 

2. STOLMEN shelves. 

It comes in 4 sizes, but the one we want is this one, 55x50 cm. And we need 11 of those. That gonna cost us RM759. 

3. STOLMEN chests with drawers

Comes in 2 sizes, but we want the smaller one which is the 55x50 cm. and we need 2 of those, so the total cost is RM498. 

4. STOLMEN open storage

This is the only size available so we settled for it. And we only need one of them and it costs us RM199.

5. STOLMEN cloth rails

Comes in 2 sizes and we gonna need both. For the 55 cm long, we need 5 pieces and it costs us RM10 each, and the 110 cm, we need 2 of it and it costs at RM15 each, so the total cost is RM80 for the cloth rails. 

6. STOLMEN hook

No other sizes available. We opted for 4 of it so it costs us RM40. 

7. STOLMEN fitting 

This is the tricky part because you have you take everything into the count. The fitting is used to hold together every stuffs above to the posts. There are 2 types of it, the first one comes with 2 holders, cost you RM50 for 4 pieces, and the other one is end fitting, cost you RM40 for 4 pieces. 

The one with the 2 holders is used to hold shelves next to each other with the post between them. The end fitting is used at the end of the holders. 

We need at least 45 pieces of the 2 holders, so we need 12 sets of it and it cost us RM600 alone. For the end fitting, we need 23 pieces which means we need 6 sets of it and it costs us RM240. The fitting alone costs us RM840. 

So the grand total cost for the wardrobe alone is RM900 + RM759 + RM498 + RM199 + RM80 + RM40 + RM840 = RM3316. Way cheaper than what other shops have quoted. 

Then we made another visit to IKEA and ask for a consultation from the staff. The consultant will print the items on a paper and you will have to pay for it first before collecting it at the store outside. 

The items that we bought. How did we carry it home you ask? By my car of course. We managed to squeeze everything inside and my wife had to sit at the back. Hehe. 

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