Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let the season begin!

The football season has started, and I'd love to give my prediction on what's gonna happen.

EPL Champion
Urghh this is a tough fight. Chelshit and Manure seems likely to battle again to retain the cup. But I would say Man City might coming in between. Arsenal and Liverfool, will not gonna be serious contenders here. So this gonna be a very tough season. There were at least 6 or 7 teams that are possible in the way to win the cup. But I'll say Chelshit it is. They got a decent squad last season, and they remain with the same squad this season. So I guess they got a better chances than others.

EPL top four
Chelshit, Manure, Arsenal and Man City. Liverpool under Roy Hudgson, I think is still not up to par. 5th position is the best they can get. Altough Roy Hudgson doing a great job at Fullham, he was never being tested when dealing with a high profile team. But this is the chance to prove himself. If he shows a great performance, the hot seat of England manager might be his as well.

Man City
Roberto Mancini will be sacked at the end of the season. Reason? Because they will not get the EPL. They might have a good chance to get the Europa Cup, but that alone will not satisfy their crazy Arabs owner.

Real Madrid
Will win the La Liga, with a very stiff challenges from Barca. Jose Mourinho can do it, I believe it. Although he might need to wait for another season before he can get the Champions League.

Champions League
This years final will be held in Wembley, London, and I sense an English team is most likely will win this time. Maybe this the best time for Chelshit to show that they are actually a serious contender for the cup. Wait? Does this mean you said Chelshit will win? I didn't say that!

Hmm judging from the prediction that I made for the last season, most of them doesn't come true. Haha. That is the fun. Come on, where is the fun if you can see the future?