Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Confession of An Older Brother

The melancholy series will have to wait.

It was almost a year ago when my little brother told us he is getting married. And I felt, a little bit sad but mostly happy and proud of him. My little brother is getting married!

And that was a year ago. Last weekend we went to Jerantut, Pahang for the final ceremony. It went fast. With only one lafaz it is confirmed that my brother now belong to somebody else. When I hugged him after that, I couldn't help myself from crying. I confess, I cried like a sissy girl.

Me and my brother, we shared a lot of things. We shared the same bedroom, we smoke the same cigarettes, we support the same football club, we have the same craze on hongkie comics. He bought a new sandals and I thought it was cool and then I bought the same sandals with different colors. When my bike broke down in the middle of nowhere, he is the first person will be in my mind, and the same goes to him. His friends are my friends. And although there were 2 years gap between us, most people will mistakenly took us as a twin. We were that close.

It was 6 pm, and as usual I was lying on the couch watching tv, supposedly during this time he will be home from work. And I waited, before then I realized he will not be coming home again, ever. And I walked to my room, it is a little bit quieter without him around. I guess, I just miss my brother.

I felt just like I lost him, but I know, I lost him for a better cause. And I wishing nothing other than their happiness, forever. Be happy my brother, my best friend, for now you are the king of the world.