Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Day in MPH Warehouse Sale

I went to MPH warehouse sale yesterday. Thousands of book to be chosen up to, and I wondering around for like 2 hours, only to find out, there were none that interest me. Bookstores nowadays, sell 3 types of books:

1. Autobiography - The fuck. If I ever want to read something about somebody famous, I can always look for it in wikipedia. If you are not in wiki, that means you are not famous enough. (Although I always wanted to know everything about Nadia, she's hot! Or maybe I can write an entry of her. Wait. Better don't. I will fall into sicko and pathetic categories).

2. Self motivation - The fuck times two. Especially the books about how to become a rich motherfucker by lying your ass down on the coach doing nothing while watching your money multiply by itself. Damn it. The truth is, these books really helps somebody become richer, but it will never be you. Its the author.

Talking about self-motivation books, I stumble upon this book.

I'll be damned. Eruwan Gerry Norsen is my housemate back in UTP years. I've heard he wrote a book about how to become wealthy by selling your products in Well, maybe I should take a shot. Support kawan.

Fuck! RM28! Forget it!

3. Novels - I love reading. But reading novels, I don't quite have the time to do that anymore. It will be a waste if I bought any but didn't read them. Better borrow it from someone like Dila the yg penggila buku ke.

Then, I walked around the warehouse looking for something that might interest me. I was looking for classical ancient China history story books like Romance of the Three Kingdom or Water Margin, and then suddenly, I accidently, I mean accidently, accidently means non-intentionally, I stepped over a girl's foot.

"Oopss. Sorry. I'm so sorry."
"It's OK."
"Sakit ke? Sorry."
"Takpe sikit aje."

She smiled. Damn. She's cute.

We walked our own way then. But from afar, I can still saw her, and she also kept looking at me. Wow! I might have a chance! Hmm maybe I should ask her for a drink, maybe.

I walked back to her, Ok la this time intentionally, pretending to look for books la konon, and then we met again. She smiled again, but then her eyes caught the two books that I carried, and suddenly the smile gone. She waited no more and walk away.

The books titled, "Disney for Little Children, Learn ABC" and "Disney Bedtime Stories."

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It were for my niece! What should I do? Chase her back and tell her the whole thing? You expect her to believe all that bullshit?

Well, like always, I just let it go. I smiled, like how silly it can be. Ahh better get home already. Can't wait to see the happy face of my niece when she get the books.