Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Perth Darul Awesome Trip - Day 4

Today plan gonna be a long ride to the south. We intended to go to Margaret River, some 300km away from Perth. Read it in some blogs that Margaret River is a very good tourist attraction.

Woke up early in the morning, had some breakfast and moved on around 10:00 am. We decided to take the Kwinana Freeway since it is the easiest. Not so many cars on the road, but we couldn't go faster due to the speed limit. Not to worry there is no toll, in fact there is no toll at all wherever in Perth.

Scenic, and lovely weather in the morning.

Stopping by RnR. It is just a small cabin with a few toilets. No food stall or whatsoever.

But the lovely weather did not last. Half way through the journey, it started to rain, cats and dogs, all the way to our destination.

Our stay for the day and tomorrow. 

We arrived at our accommodation at around 1 pm. For the next 2 nights we will be staying at Adamsons Riverside Accommodation. Walking distance from Margaret River town, it cost us AUD140 per night. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a man in his 40s. He introduced himself as Bruce, and showed us our unit.

Our unit. Got a lovely small table with 2 chairs outside the room, but I guess nobody gonna use it in this cold weather.

Bruce chipped in the breakfast although we did not do the prelim order when we booked this unit. How generous!

The room - quite comfy, but without a heater unit. However the bed is equipped with an electric blanket to keep us warm all the time. Great. Now we got a reason not to get off our bed. 

So our first destination for today is Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Read somewhere that it produces good chocolates in various form. My wife who is a chocolate freak herself insisted this place is a must go. I have to obey or else, you know, nothing happen tonight!

Situated 20km away from our stay, we figured the journey might take around 30 minutes considering the light traffic and easy route to the destination.

The entrance. 

Chocolates. So many chocolates. In many forms and colors.

If you are lucky enough you might get the chance to witness the process to make chocolates. But I guess luck was not on our side, or maybe the timing wasn't just right. All we managed to see was some machines rolling some chocolates. 

Then we had a chocolate drink in the garden by the side of the factory. It was lovely.

Nice view.

The drink and a cupcake. Too sweet. I can barely drink and eat them.

A beautiful dog playing chase with some kids in the park.

We bought some chocolates as a souvenir before leaving the place. Mind telling you the chocolates were a little bit expensive. 

Now our second destination. Well we actually didn't had any plan for the second destination, but we still got some time to kill. So my wife suggested how about we go and visit around?

So then we headed for the silk factory and the lavender farm. Not worth mentioning though. Nothing interesting there except for you know, silk and lavender. 

We then headed back to our hostel, and had our dinner at a Thai restaurant. But the interesting thing that we found on our way there was this.

Goodfellas cafe. One of my favourite movie. 

They even have a WiseGuys sign for the loo. 

We then headed for our dinner, got back to the hostel and had a nice sleep in the comfort of an electric blanket. Tomorrow gonna be a busy day.

End of Day 4.