Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let the season begin!

The season is coming! Let see what can I say about the upcoming season, shall we?

The Champion
I say the championship will be a battle between Chelshit, Liverpool and Manure. I couldn't see any team would be the favourite one. What a second there mate. Last time I check, you were an Arsenal fan. So what happen? Switch club already? To hell I'm gonna switch club.

With the arrival of Ancelotti, I doubt he can do what Jose has done. He is great at Milan, but English football is different. My prediction, he gonna get is ass fired up after 3/4 of the season. Abrahamovic surely isn't a patient guy.

Perhaps this is the best time for Rafa to retain the title. The should've done it last year, but through out the end they drew too much and finished of at second. Altough I believe they were a stronger side compared to Manure, but unfortunately this is a league game. However the departure of Alonso might be the drawback there, and his replacement Aquilani hasn't been tested yet.

I am pretty much sure they will not retain the championship, and I pray to God not to let them win it again or my ears will bleed like a fountain. History shows whenever their star player leave the club, Manure will lost the championship. Cantona has proved it, Beckham has proved it, and now the departure of Ronaldo will sure will prove it. Besides, Sir Alex didn't get any suitable replacement altough I might say Antonio Valencia might shine. Ohh, how about Owen? Well he is good, and perhaps he might show something, but I predicted Sir Alex will play him as a sub through out the season.

Well I will be relieved if they even ended up at top 4! With the departure of Toure and Adebayor (not that I like him, in fact I hated him), Arsene Wenger has a difficulties to find a suitable replacement with a very limited budget. Plus Rosicky will be out for 2 months (again!) and Nasri will not be on the starting line also due to injury, Wenger will have to depend on their youngsters to make sure they were still in the fight. Can they do it? I doubt it myself.

Manchester City
The big spending Manchester City will have their manager Mark Hughes' ass fired up by the mid season. Believe me. And you ask me why is that? The answer is simple. Mark Hughes is still not up to the par.

Team pengacau
That will be Aston Villa, Everton and Hotspur. The reason is simple, they got a pretty good manager themselves, and they know how to emphasize their players advantages to their benefit.

So let enjoy the game lads! Unfortunately I will not be watching the game while lying on the floor and sipping a nice hot coffee, as we had cancelled the sports channel already. Org pompuan dlm umah aku sume hoorey laa ape lagi, as they got the tv for themselves on the weekend. As for me and my brother, we still got mamak as an option. Thank God mamaks and their pricy food, we still get to watch EPL next season!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Some people asked me what is my opinion on this. This gonna be a little bit heavier than usual. You've been warned. :p

Some people sees PPSMI as a method to improve English among students, which is I believe they were being misinterpreted, or they interpreted it wrongly, or maybe they just got a bad information about it. (Or maybe I am the one who misinterpreted it but the hell I care as long as I believe that is the way).

The way I see it, PPSMI is never meant to improve English among students. It was meant to familiarize the students with the jargon words and terms in Science and Math, which are many in English, unfortunately. We might have to differentiate with these two interpretations, which obviously doesn't resemble each other at all. The main point is we must concentrate more on vocabs. not grammar.

Early suggestion from Tun M suggested that English to be taught in this two subjects, Science and Math, not History, Kemahiran Hidup, Pendidikan Seni or any other subject. The main reason is simply because most of the reference books for these two subjects are applicable in English, mostly. It is hard to find one In Malay. Science and Math terms in English were widely used internationally, where in such way might confuse our students when they go the university level.

Unfortunately for us PPSMI is a mere experiment. There is not a single country in the world has develop or implement this kind of technique into their system, thus it is impossible to prove that it's gonna work. You ask Tun M yourself even he will answer you that he will never know is it going to work. It is a big risk I might say, gambling with the future of our young ones, but in a way I do believe this is a calculated risk, which most of the drawback can be predicted and some counter measures has been ready made to prevent something bad from happen, hopefully.

We should've never compare our situation with other countries, for instance some of us will compare us with China and Japan, how in the world they can develop their countries, being so advance in Science and Technology although they learn them in their own language. Hmm. That was a good thought. It appears that the people who did that thought failed to mention that 95% of the population of the said countries were based on their race, which means 95% of China 1.3 billion population were Chinese, which again means that 1.3 billion speaks and writes in Chinese. The same goes to Japan where 95% of their 120 million population were Japanese and they talk Japanese and they write Japanese.

Apparently our country is unique, we got somewhat like 24 million of population, but only 50% of them were Malays, which means only 12 millions of us were Malay, and to make the matter worse some of that 12 million not even speaks and writes in Malay, more over practicing the Malay culture. And you just imagine the costs to translate all the books from other language to Malay, or even produce one, simply speaking it doesn't worth it. The solution, learn the subjects in English. Easy peasy Japanesey.

Those Chinese and Indian in our country demanded that these two subjects to be taught in their native tongue, this is because most of the books were imported from China and India respectively! How about us the Malay? Import them from Indon?

Eventually I had my experience on this myself and I believe the same goes to most of you. For instance in Malay a Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) is called Aci Dwi Sesendol. Can you imagine learning the Malay terms in college and you carry this knowledge when you go to work? And don't even let me me start with computer programming.

I don't know how the current system works, but during my time, what I learned about English is grammar. Lots and lots of grammar. Past tense, present tense, future tense, past present tense and a whole lot of other tenses. For a freaking 11 years in school I learn about grammar, and that is all about it when it comes to learn English in school. Which is, I believe a little bit less important than vocabs. Personally I believe learning English in school must be about vocabs, not grammar, as we are a non-English-speaking natives.

Or maybe we should reorganize the method of learning and teaching English in school. For instance, to master a certain language, one must endure these three skills, Reading, Writing and Speaking. And perhaps we should organize the methods to be around these three skills.

That is long enough. Although that, these PPSMI thingy is still a debatable discussion. Supposedly we work together to make this matter happen instead of fighting each other because of dissimilar ideas. Give me your thought on this.

ps: I'm writing this at 2:30 am, yes that is in the morning. Forgive me for the bad grammar or misspelling. I'm too sleepy to even reread it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review of iPhone apps #1

I've downloaded a total of 117 apps already. When I first get the phone, I promised to myself I will get only the free apps from the iTunes. But what can I say, I'm just a normal guy with a credit card.

Okay stop the yapping already. Let's get straight to the point.


The best ever installed. However its only offers the main features, which means no stupid quizzes or whatever annoying things that people love to update on the main post. And if you don't logout from your account, it will keep you update just like a push mail or sms.

There's an alternative if you refused to install the apps of course. You can just simply go the websites through your Safari browser, and you can even choose between the iPhone webpage or the normal one. Still, it doesn't support flash, which means no Mafia Wars or Restaurant City. sighh..


Can you ever imagine you can play Worms on your phone one day? 10 years ago I thought it was something impossible, but just take a look at where we are now.

The game is similar to the what has been offered to the PCs years ago. The same "Incomingggg!" yelling, the same funny killing your opponent by baseball, and the same funny "Aahhhh" yelling when you've being blasted far away out of the screen by the Halelujah bomb.

The drawback is, it is kinda hard to control. I mean sometimes when you tap it twice to do the backflip, the phone detected as a single tap and you ended up jumping to the front, which sometimes sucks because in front of you there is a mine, or worse the sea and you ended up dead. You know what I mean if you ever played the game.

And there is no mission. Sucks. After several times of single or multiplayer games, you will get bored already. But perhaps it will be upgraded in the future.

And it will cost you USD4.99. Sucks, because it cost me that much, but I couldn't resist. They were soo cute. LOL.

Kuala Lumpur

Three Words. Don't Buy It! Or on a second thought, Buy It, because I don't want to be the only one who feels cheated!

Stupid apps I might say. Even the Google Maps is much better. And it cost you (and me) USD0.99. Damn it. I should've read the review first.


This apps is kinda useful. Showing you through the Google Map the nearest location of ATMs and Branches near you, plus it also can show you the nearest location of the restaurant that offers you treats Privileges, but you have to install the buUuk Makan apps to be able to do this. And its free, so no hurting while trying.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

The hillarious Monkey Island series reborn on iPhone! This is the future to be installed on my phone because I'm out of the budget right now, thehehe, but soon! And it will cost me USD7.99. Blerghh is it worth it? I hope its worth it.

Okay that is long enough for the moment. Will be back with more reviews.