Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Respond to a Silk Letter Sent to Me

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, nothing came up to my mind now. And I know, somebody will laugh at me because of this entry, but I'll write anyway, in respond to something that so sweet, I feel like licking it up every chances that I have.

Anyway, hope you will enjoy your trip with your Goldilocks friend of yours, and be a good girl okay :p. And take pictures please, tell me stories that make you happy, or even sad, and you know u can always have my shoulders to cry on :).

And thanks for your tips, which come in handy especially the view of skirts part :p.

Btw & fyi, Shenzhen is not that cold. During this time the temperature will be around 16C, which is not even close to enough to create snow for me :p.

Can't hardly wait to see you when I come back within 2 weeks time.

(I was thinking to write u a poem, but my english not as good as yours, and I can't even think of anything at this 02:30 am time. Will write later :))

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good deeds overwrite wrong doings? Hell yeahh!!

Rage!!!!! I read this from Harian Metro,

"Filem ini mengubah persepsi masyarakat terhadap Mat Rempit yang suka berlumba haram, tetapi mereka sebenarnya masih mempunyai nilai positif dalam diri."

Wait a sec. Does this mean if a Mat Rempit help a granny crossing a road, and then he go rempit, he is actually is a good guy and there is nothing wrong with him rempiting around because he helped a granny crossing a road? Or, maybe a Mat Rempit actually is a good guy, the problem actually is us, we never tried to understand them? Or maybe if a Mat Rempit help a poor granny crossing a road, and then he go rempit, it is still wrong but he actually is a good guy, and we shouldn't punish them, instead we should build a race track for them so they can rempit safely?And then how about thieves? Should we build a place, specifically and specially for them so they can steal all they want, and didn't go to other people's home and steal from them, shouldn't we? Because like a Mat Rempit, there are still good values in a thief. And how about a drug addict? Don't they have a good values in them themselves?

Well that's awesome! We can go kill people, steal from others, but if we have good values or perhaps we did something good like save a ladybug from being eaten by a frog, people should never look down to us because we have some good values in us. Isn't that awesome?

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