Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend Football Update

It was an exciting weekend, with EPL is near to end, and Malaysian football scenario also is heating up, especially after that incident in Kota Bharu.

Kelantan vs Selangor
The truth is, I don't give a fuck on who's gonna win the cup. I'm boycotting every single game that involves FAM, as long as Sultan Ahmad Shah is the president, I'm not going to watch any. I think FAM has been a little bit big headed lately. Every single player and coach were not allowed to make any statement without any permission from the board. What the fuck is that? You must ask your mummy for permission to take a piss? Fucking rediculous I might say.

But still, I felt a little bit dissappointed with what happen at KB. Most of them were Malays btw. Halim Napi should never be allowed to play. This is like what? His third suspension?

Manure vs Spurs
I always hate Spurs. Not only because it was the arch rival of Arsenal, but also because you cannot rely anything on them. Leading two goals before the half time, but then down to 5 - 2 before the game ended. Five fucking goals in 45 minutes. What the fuck la Spurs.

A must win for them for the game to come. Unfortunately for them, the next week will be against Liverpool. Sorry to say Magpies, I'd rather see you at the bottom of the league than seeing Manure retain the cup again. So a must win for Liverpool too.

And this week will be more exciting, with the champion's league semi final is coming up. AdiĆ³s!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nice Guys Are Winners Before the Game Ever Starts

I watched a video sent by a friend of mine, where there is this one chinese lady being robbed by a group of men on a broad daylight! It was frightening, I can't imagine having a house of my own with a situation like this. It is not save anymore outside there. You can no longer trust anybody, yet trusting a stranger.

There was some time in my life that I don't believe the above title. Good men don't exist. Hell is paved with good samaritans, just like William Holden said.

But one day, my dad came home before he realized that he left his wallet, probably in a public toilet in Bangsar. He went back there only to find out it was not there anymore. There was somewhat like RM1000 plus in his wallet, plus very important cards and infos in it. There is nothing much we could do. We tried to track his way back to the last place he remembered the wallet with him, but to no avail it was nothing.

It was night already, and we were prepared to make a police report, before suddenly my dad received a phone call from a stranger.

"Encik nih Gazali ke?"
"Ye saya."
"Encik ada hilang wallet tak?"
"Wallet encik ada pada saya nih. Saya ada dkt Cheras. Dtg la amik."

We waited no more. We rushed there and several minutes later we arrived and being greeted by a young man in his 20's.

"Encik Gazali ye? Nih ha wallet encik. Sori laa saya selongkar nak carik no phone. Saya dah call byk nombor semua kata bukan. Nasib baik jumpa nombor nih."

We felt so grateful. My dad checked his wallet, and all the money plus the cards were all there. Feeling thankful, my dad gave RM100 to that young man, but he politely refuse to except it.

"Ikhlas bang."

But I thought, why??

He answered me, "Saya nak tunjukkan dalam dunia nih ada lg org baik. Jadik saya mulakan dgn diri saya dulu."

Well, I was stunned. I never thought good men still exist. I thought they always finish last.

Come to think of it, I have met them myself several times before, especially when my bike broke down in the middle of nowhere. My bike got it tyre punctured at least once every month! And to my surprise, everytimes it happen, there will always somebody will stopped by and offered their helps. And sometimes, they knew nothing much they could do about it, but still they will stopped by and asked if anything that they can do.

I believe it now. It's not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game ever starts. I believe, if you want somebody to do something, especially something good, you must start it with yourself.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Football Random Rant Part 1

The best striker
Fernando Torres of course, at the moment. Although he bagged only 9 goals so far this season, still for me he is the best. And you want to know why?

The first rule to be a striker is, you must score, plus Fernando Torres scored crucial goals. A very important goal in a very important match, for example the first goal against Chelsea which they won by 2 - 0, and the first goal against Man U. That was a very important goal. After being down 0 - 1, he single handedly overcome Vidic and van der Sar to level up, definitely boost up his teammates morale.

And he is very dangerous up front. You can play him long ball, or short passes, and still he can create chances. You can play him single striker, or pair him with another striker, he can play as backup, or top, he can assists (and of course he can scores), he has a very good understanding with teammates, he can dribbles, he can heads, so what is the right word you might say? P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

The worst defender
Fabricio Collocini of Newcastle United. Seriously, I don't have any idea why the fuck Newcastle kept playing him in the first eleven. He is the worst ever! The loosing goal against Man U, his mistake. 2 goals from Arsenal, him again, and the latest of his contribution, the first goal against Chelsea last 2 nights. His late clearance pay Newcastle a price. A big price!

To be a good central defender, one must never trust anybody, especially his teammates. You just need to clear the ball, clear the ball God damn it! And whatever the price, he must prevent the ball from goes in, even at the cause of his life!

As for reference, John Terry is a good example of a good central defender. And Vidic (before the Liverpool game of course).