Sunday, July 25, 2010

I must be crazy #1

I have been playing this stupid game over facebook since... since I joined facebook I suppose. That means what? February 2009? And last week it just reached level 1000. I must be crazy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This year alone I've watched 3 considerably good movies. They are Kick-Ass, Toy Story 3 and Inception.

Well, about Inception, my gf thought it was overrated. I on the other hand, felt it is good. Not the best but rather good. For me it feels like watching a Stanley Kubrick directing a Matrix movie.

The movie is about... the hell I'm not gonna write down the plot here. Go wiki it you lazy bum.

But I really like how Christopher Nolan describes the different layers of the dreams. Altough there actually four different scenarios indicating four different layers of dream, the audience will never get confuse of which is which. Brilliantly done there.

And I read in Yahoo! News, Inception is the best movie yet shown so far this year and it is the most likely candidate to win the Oscar. Urghhh. I wouldn't agree with that though. I still think Toy Story 3 is much better.

But all in all, good movie to watch. Worth every penny. And make sure you go in with your mind blind folded. You'll get what I mean.

Disclaimer: The picture was taken from here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

World Cup 2010 Review

The World Cup has ended, and surely everybody, except if you are an American then there is a slight chance that you might not know Spain has won it. Okay as usual, synopsis from my point of view.

The Great

1. Diego Forlan
Man this guy is awesome. He scored five goals, 3 of them were the best of the tournament, including the magnificent goal against the Germans. The ball were crossed from the right and he shot it at the first time. The ball bounced on the ground and the keeper just watched helplessly when the ball reaching the net. But his greatest contribution of all, of course by bringing Uruguay as far as semi final. Who would have thought that. And he was voted as Player of the Tournament! Whooh! Looking at his past record, man this guy is kinda like a scoring machine! Alex Furgeson sure now regret to let him go in the first place. But come to think of it, he got a history of letting go his best striker, so no surprise there. Anyway, Diego Forlan, you the man! The tournament will not be as good as it is without you in it.

2. Spain
Of course, el campeĆ³n. Lost the first game against Switzerland but still manage to go all the way to the final and win the cup. Before this I always believed that passing style will never win a game. But Spain proved otherwise. And it was entertaining to watch their game. European champion, and now champion of the world, felicitaciĆ³n Espana.

3. the Germans
The youth team of Germany proved that to us we should never write them off in any football competition. Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil, even their keeper Neuer are under 25. Meaning that they still got a plenty room to show for the next 4 years competition. Especially Mueller, he is not even 21 yet and he already bagged 5 World Cup goal, and theoretically he can play for at least another 3 competition. Third place is not that bad Deutschland. The truth is, we were entertained by your game. Keep on teaching them English how to play the real football.

4. The USA
Well team Uncle Sam showed us they must be feared within 20 years time. And they displayed entertaining game I might say. Except the game against England. Not their fault though, it was England.

5. The Jabulani ball
I know many people especially the goalkeepers hate it, but I love it man! Why? Because it gave us a lot of goals. Rediculous goals, like the one Forlan scored against Ghana. It was rediculous but beautiful, and its a goal nonetheless. Ermm don't count in the USA goal against England. It has nothing to do with the ball. Stupidity does.

6. The referees quality
Some people thought the referees quality is rediculous, but I love it man! This is one of the reason why we love football so much. So we can curse at the referees! And I hereby declared I am in the same boat with Sepp Blater. We are against the techonology!

7. Larissa Riquelme
Who? I don't know her myself but after she promised she gonna run on the street naked if Paraguay won the World Cup, I suddenly became a Paraguay fan!

The Bad

1. England
As usual, the star team of the tournament. What are football without the English team in. Bragging much they could win the competition this time, but they were trashed by the Germans in the second round 4 - 1! And the reason? The players were too tired. WTF? This is insulting man! Other footballers didn't play too?

2. Argentina
(Looking at the picture, no wonder they lost the tournament. LOL). I was hoping to see Messi shines in this tournament, but perhaps to pressure is just too great for him to handle alone. But I had never expected they will go that far anyway, because I think Maradona is not good enough to handle a national team. The biggest mistake, he brought in too many strikers (and not even that effective) and abandon good midfield like Cambiasso. Mascherano couldn't handle the midfield alone, bringing Cambiasso in perhaps could ease the pressure. But look it at the bright sight, you don't to look at Maradona running on the street naked!

3. France
I always thought France will never make it, they barely survive the qualifying group thank you to Henry Hands-of-God like assist, but I never expected it was that bad. Leaving the competition with zero points, and Anelka being sent home because he got a brawl with the coach. One thing for sure, Raymond Domenech was never up to par. He just got lucky during the 2006 because Zidane was there.

4. Italy
The defending champion didn't even reached second round. Poor sods. The problem with the Italian is that they didn't have a prolific striker. None of the first eleven of Inter were Italian if you have to know. And, they got aging players. Fabio Cannavaro at the age 36 still playing? And for the record I blamed him for at least two of the goals against Slovakia.

5. Vuvuzela
Didn't I told you before hate that fucking shit? What is with the South African and their vuvuzelas heh? It sounds like a thousand bees buzzing over your ears. I want to hear the chants God damnit!

6. Tshabalala goal celebration
Urghhh I don't like it at all. No natural happiness shown when you scored a goal. You want to do the Roger Milla's? You forgot one thing dude, he never planned it.

7. Paul the Octopus
And suddenly this sotong become so popular because it predicted the match freaking accurately. But you ruin the fun man! It's no fun to know the result before the game started! (I never get involved in sports gambling or whatsoever).

The most dramatic games

1. USA vs Slovenia - The game looked like to end 2-2 but at the dying minutes Altidore score for Uncle Sam, but again it was disallowed by the referee so the game ended 2-2 after all. crazy game, fast and entertaining.

2. Slovakia vs Italy - Italy really need to win this game but by 75th minutes, they were down to 0-2. 81th minutes, they manage to score but Slovakia seems has sealed the game when they scored again in 89th. All seems lost before Italy manage to close the gap with a beautiful goal by Quagliarella. At the dying minutes, they still tried to find the last goal they needed and they finally got their chances before Iaquinta blew it by shooting over the bar.

3. Uruguay vs Ghana - This game is one of the most talked about. Luis Suarez save the ball using his hand on the line and being sent off! On the 30th minutes of extra time! And to make it more dramatic, Asamoah Gyan failed to convert the penalty by hitting the top bar. Crazy! And then Ghana lose in the penalty shootouts. Perghh crazy game I might say.

4. Uruguay vs Germany - Uruguay was down to 2-3 and at the dying minutes they got a freekick just at the edge of the penalty box. Forlan took it only to hit the bar! Damn!

Not bad eventhough it was first time held in Africa. We will see what can the World Cup offer in the next 4 years.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Germany kuat sial!

Argentina kene titik 4 - 0 tuhhhh! You wanna know why?

1. I always believe speed and paces are the key to win a game. And usually the youngsters have those. That is what exactly the German did. They fill in the squad with their youth. Thomas Muller is 21, Mesut Ozil is 22, Jerome Boateng (22), goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (24), and even their captain Phillip Lahm is 26. The oldest in the squad (minus goalkeeper sub) is Klose, who is 32 right now.

Plus five of the squad members were from the team who won the under 21 Euro Championship where they trashed England 4 - 0.

Funny thing heh, 10 years ago people said football player will reach the peak of their career when they are 27 or 28. But nowadays, it has lessen to 24. So you can imagine why young blood were so important nowadays.

2. Germany allows their ex-footballers to involve in their FA. Franz Beckenbauer for instance was vice President of German FA, and he also led German successful bid of World Cup 2006. Well, something we could learn about.

3. The Bundesliga. Their people always crazy about it, and most of the players in the teams are the Germans. Not like EPL, or worse Seria A. Inter Milan starting eleven, none of them were Italian.

Surprisingly they also got the second highest average attendance per game, just shy behind EPL. So you can just imagine how obsess their people over their league.

4. The team were coached by a German. I always believe this. Perhaps if you want to improve your squad, you might need to hire an outsider, but to win a World Cup, you definitely need a coach from your own country. The history has prove it.

5. The youth players development program. I'm not sure about this, and I tried to google it but couldn't find any, but I heared the commentator said something about 2 years ago the German FA found out there were something wrong about their youth program, so they revamped it totally and the outcome was the champion squad of under 21 Euro and this squad.

6. Tactics. The Argentinians were caught up in counter attacks. Except for the first goal. Plus Argentina lack of controlling possession in the midfield. Their midfield always lost the ball, lack of idea, and no follow up after every single attack. Maradona should have brought along Cambiasso in the first place.

Well, it is sad to see the Argentinians have to walk away like this. I personally was hoping to see Messi shines as what he did in Olympic 2008 and the European club tournaments. But on the other hand, I was relieved to see the Germans way of playing and I believe Argentina has lost to a better side. So their next game will be against the tournament favourite Spain, let see what the youngsters can do against the experience.