Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We watched it last night and all I can say is... damn, this is one god damn cheap movie. Not cheap as in.. you know.. a slut, i mean it's cheap in term of money. I don't exactly know what is the cost actually, but I guess it is cheap considering we can see only, I mean it, only Ryan Reynolds the whole long movie. Plus few props like a zippo and a cellphone. So I guess if it is not because of Ryan Reynolds, this movie perhaps way cheaper than a a porn movie. A porn movie at least have two stars. Even a masturbate porn movie will require a dildo, provided the dildo is more expensive than a cellphone. Ok cut the crap.

But to this date the film managed to collect a mere USD3.2 mil worldwide. How the fuck they gonna pay Ryan Reynolds with that?

Okay cut the crap already.

But I like the movie. Good enough for Ryan-I-only-act-in-a-romcom-movie-Reynolds. I think he did pretty well in it. You can actually feel how panic and desperate he is to get himself out of the coffin. And I thought, damn this guy can actually act. And the movie plot is quite nice. Everytime the audience thought it gonna be a calm situation, something always fucked up. And the director used a lot of light techniques and camera shots which display the situation in many awesome angles.

All in all, a good movie to watch. If you seek for a twisted and depressing movie, this is definitely the one to choose, considering not much good movies were shown at the moment.

Picture is from here.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I just have one wish after watching this movie, somebody please stop Shyamalan from doing any more movies because it is a total crap! Don't believe me? Try watching Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water, The Happening and the Last Air Bender, and you will get what I mean. Major total crap! And he making money producing a crap thing! (And why the hell I watch his movies, I don't quite understand either. Maybe because there were no decent movie that is worth watching so I end up watch this crap. Good strategy there Mr. Shyamalan. Malaysian movie producer please take note.)

Put aside Sixth Sense. Sixth Sense is just a one time wonder.

I found a website where people make fun of the movie. Click here. The best one probably this one by Mr. Ryan Corderman where he said, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing us M. Night Shyamalan was a genius." LOL. Nice one Mr. Corderman.

I love the movie's tagline too. "Bad things happen for a reason." Wow. Catchy, and sounds mysterious, but isn't good things happen for a reason too? Everything in this world happen for a reason God damnit!

And I read from IMDB that Shyamalan actually are working on the sequel. What the hell?

So by now I know already, when it comes to choose between a Malay movie and Shyamalan's, I choose..... well this is a very tough decision to choose. I choose not to choose.