Monday, July 27, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad R.I.P.

This entry might abrupt anger among you readers, but I hope you will read this to the end.

I never fancied Yasmin Ahmad. Ok maybe I lied a little bit there. I do fancied her during her early works, with the ads that coming on our tv screens, especially during any festive eves. It were so brilliant, made us think for a second about life and such, and before we realized it we started to anticipate for her ads everytime the festive seasons coming.

And then that's it. I stopped liking her works after her movie debut, Sepet. Most of us thought it was a brilliant piece of work. I thought it was a brilliant piece of work. It just I don't like the idea of the movie. So does her other works. I don't quite agree how she interpreted Islam in her movies. It is a dangerous thing to play with. It's not even a play thing. We are not suppose to play with the thing that we do not know. I have never gone out to the toilet in the middle of a movie play. I think it a waste. You got a plenty of time to do your pee before or after the movie. But while watching Gubra, for the first time in my life, ok maybe I exegerate it too much, for the first time in my life as far as I can remember, I gone out to the toilet, in the middle of the movie. I just can't swallow it anymore.

Nevertheless, she is a great director, with a brilliant vision and idea in her mind. She inspired, she got followers, she has a lot of admirers, and the most important thing, she put our movie industry one step ahead. Maybe two steps, or maybe a significant leap. She will be missed by us, and some already have.

Rest in peace, Yasmin Ahmad. Al-Fatihah.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I was around actually, got so many things in my mind but too lazy too write. Maybe I should wrap up everything in one go. Okey, let see...

Manure vs Malaysian XI
3 - 2?? Sir Alex must be kinda pissed right now, so he told the press that they gonna repeat this Monday. Wahaha. Tak puas hati ngan team Malaysia.

Norish Karman vs ex-hubby
Norish Karman is a bitch. There, I've said it. She proposed to claim from his ex-husband RM11k per month for nafkah anak2, kononnya for their education dunia dan akhirat, while she goes around and fucking a man way younger than herself, and then she goes to the press, telling the whole world how a good mother she is. Stop it God damnit. Everybody knows now.

MJ is dead
He is not! He falsified his own death, because while practicing for his upcoming concert, he saw from the recording that he's sucks and suddenly realised that, he can't perform anymore. Not like the time when he still young. Then he got panicked, oh God what to do? I got so many hutang to pay, and I can't perform anymore, who gonna watch my concert? Suddenly, he thought, hey, maybe I should fake my own death. Well, it turn around to be a brilliant idea. His records sale goes quadraple within 1 week, everybody telling good things about him, and they even had a live telecast for his funeral! "Daymne, I must be that famous," he thought, while sipping a mojito in an exotic island far away nobody knows where. Nobody even recognize him there, because he covered his new face all the time before. "Daymne, I am dead, but am still rich. This is what people call, life." How ironic.

(Hmm I don't have anything anymore in my mind right now, maybe I will update some more later. Maybe.)