Monday, January 28, 2013

Perth Darul Awesome Trip - Day 8 & 9

I'm gonna wrap Day 8 and 9 in one go, because to be frank, nothing much to write about it.

Day 8
Woke up late, checkout at 11, and then we went straight to the destination, Harbour Town. The original plan was to shop till us drop. And since we have known that Harbour Town is the best place to do that, we gonna spend the whole evening there.

We arrived at 12 noon, and waited not even a second. The last time we were here we were tired, but not this time. We were fully energized, especially my wife, you can literally see blinking stars coming out off her eyes.

So we started by making a huge round around the mall, stopped for a while, had kebab for lunch, and then continued again.

Levi's here is literally cheap. You can get a pair of jeans for AUD50, so I bought 2 plus a T-shirt. My wife got a pair of nice Nine West's shoes for AUD60, but then we got a discount so we paid AUD35 for it. Nice.

And if you are looking for perfume, then you come to the right place. It is cheap, hence we ended up buying 9 bottles of it. 9 bottles of perfumes, can you imagine that. Of course we gonna give some of it away as a gift, but 9 bottles? I must be crazy.

Others, we bought some T-shirts, goodies and gifts to be given as a present.

Damage. And that is not all of it (T_T)

Damage? AUD1000 in one day, excluding those we swiped using credit cards. My God. What my wife has turn me into?

We stopped doing that thing at 5pm, and that is because the shops were closing. 5 hours! I hardly remembered the last time we shopped for 5 hours straight.

Next stop, Reduan's house. We gonna spend the night at his house, Mas (Reduan's wife) informed us she gonna prepare some dinner. Finally, some real meal! By this time I was sicked of fish and chips already.

Day 9
The last day. Woke up to a lovely breakfast prepared by Mas. Today plans, well, we got no firm plan yet, but wife wanted to buy something for her sister, so we went to Belmont because they got this big shopping mall there. But I tell you, their shopping mall is nothing compared to us. Their biggest shopping mall is like 2/3 the size of MidValley, and they got only one floor.

So we went to Belmont Forum Shopping Centre and looked for the thing that my wife was looking. And then we stopped by a souvenir shop, tried to look for anything cheap that can be used as a gift. Before we left we bought a whole grilled chicken from Nando's, thinking to bring it and have a picnic style lunch at King's Park.

Arrived around 2 pm. The weather was just right. It was a little bit chilly but also sunny at the same time. Set up our place under a tree and had our lunch while enjoying the view.

The usual thing that you will see when you go to a park. Some people are jogging, some bring their family and children to play around, some bring the dog for a walk, some old couple walking side by side while holding hands. Usual stuffs.

What baffled me the most is you can hardly see a stray animal around. In fact, I have seen none. Not a stray cat, dog, or even a kangaroo. Heard some people said stray kangaroos are all around in Aussie. But maybe I was in the wrong part of Aussie.

A couple of ducks trying to steal our food!

At 3 pm we moved on to our next location. But we got no where else to go, so we ended up sight seeing around the town.

Perth Bell Tower. Home of the Swan Bell. We did not enter, gonna cost you AUD22 if you want to.

By 5 pm we headed back to Reduan's house. Had to prepare, pack all things for our flight tomorrow morning. The flight is at 6:00 am so we need to be at the airport 2 hours before.

Took a nap, woke up at 1:30 am, bid farewell to Reduan's family and drove straight to the airport. Had to return the car back, and the process was easy. There were some allocated parking lot for the rental cars, and keys drop point where you can just drop and leave the key.

1523.7km. The was how far we drove around Perth in 9 days. Well I could say it is worth the penny.

Checked in early, made a last minute shop to finish up our Aussie dollars, and the rest is as usual. Boarded the plane and had a pleasant flight.

End of the Journey.

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